CASE 2014


Creativity in Arts and Science Event, CASE, is annual program organized by the Science for Life Mission with the main purpose of “establishing and enriching early undergraduate student research experience” and ” providing science and arts students the opportunity to collaborate on projects that incorporate science and art.” The 2014 event was hosted by University of Florida and it featured science posters sessions, arts exhibits, dance and much more.┬áThe Eco-Dolphin team participated in the science poster presentation (abstract below).


Poster Presentation:

Topic: Multidisciplinary Development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Fleet

Presented by: Jaworski, J. Shao, F. Pastrana, Z. Daud, K. Leong, W. Renkai. Obinna, D.


SIAM, Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics, members have been working for two years on the design, construction and test of three highly integrated and streamlined autonomous underwater vehicles called Eco-Dolphins. This project is being developed at Embry-Riddle.

The Eco-Dolphins are configured with an internal attitude control system that combined with propulsion from brushless DC thrusters allows the vehicle to ascend and descend easily. The design, production and assembly of the yellow Eco-Dolphin has been done in twelve months.

The team also completed successfully the second phase of the program that involved tracking the Eco-Dolphins while submerged underwater. Apart from building the Red and Blue Dolphins, the team is also working on adding GPS system for surface tracking and converting the acoustic system from tethered to wireless to make the ground station more robust. The Eco-Dolphins promise to be is a unique, highly optimized and a competitive underwater vehicle fleet.